Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. Please read through these questions before calling our office.

Where is the office located?

Our business office is located at 3120 - 30th Avenue, Vernon, BC, V1T 2C2.
Phone: (250) 545-6088
Fax: (250) 260-6070

Do you have driving instructions to the compound?

Leave highway 97 and turn east at the 48th Avenue intersection (there are traffic control lights at this intersection) and travel along 48th Avenue towards Silver Star ski resort. Once you reach 23rd street take a right. Travel down 23rd street aprox 120 meters and on the right you will see a large fenced compound with signage for NRG Holdings. Turn in here and you will find our vehicles located in the north section in another fenced compound.


Please direct all inquiries regarding bailiff services or asset sales to:

What are the hours of operation?

The office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Closed on statutory holidays.

What is the compound address?

The sale compound is located at 4700 23rd Street, Vernon B.C.

Can I view an asset before bidding on it?

You are encouraged to view any items we have for sale before making your bid. If you are from out of town, have a friend or a relative attend and view the asset for you.

Most of the assets offered for sale on this web site are located at our sales compounds. If the asset is at another location, this will normally be stated clearly along with the assets description and particulars. At times, viewing will be by appointment only, such as is the case with businesses for sale, land and realty sales, and mobile homes set up in parks. In those cases, phone the office to arrange a suitable viewing with one of our Bailiffs.

What is the condition of the asset, are the tires good, what about the transmission?

We sell only on an "as is-where is" basis.

Many people retain the services of a mechanic or some other knowledgeable person to attend the sale compound, inspect and then report the condition of an asset to them before placing a bid. This practice is encouraged. Our staff is not permitted to give opinions or report on the condition and/or fitness of the assets to our customers. We do not represent the condition of our assets. Please do not ask our staff or lot attendants to give an opinion on such matters. They are not mechanics and their opinions cannot be relied upon. The duty of inspection lies totally upon the bidder.

There are no returns or rights of rescission express or implied. All sales are final.

When can I view a vehicle?

The sales compound is open to the public for one hour each week day, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. The compound is not open on the weekends.

Can I test drive the vehicles?

Road tests are not allowed. We carry only storage insurance and the vehicles cannot leave the compound. We provide the keys to the vehicle to interested parties upon request. If the battery is low or dead, we have jumper cables and batteries available to assist starting the vehicle. The vehicle can be put in motion inside the confines of our compound only.

Can I dismantle a vehicle?

We do not allow dismantling of the vehicles with the assistance of wrenches and tools, nor the removal of any engine parts for inspection.

How can I submit a bid?

-On-line from this web-site using the "Bid Submit" button.
-Attend our downtown office and ask for a bid form to fill out.
-Ask the sales attendant at the sales compound for a bid form.
-Phone and we will fax a blank form to you.

What should I bid?

Bid what you feel the asset is worth to you. If we receive a higher bid from another person, you will not be contacted and you will miss out on the opportunity to purchase the item.

What is the reserve price?

A "reserve" is a guideline used by some secured creditors to indicate the lowest price that they would consider taking for an asset. Under no circumstances will this figure be released to the public. Please do not ask.

What if there are similar bids?

In some cases it happens that there are two or more similar bids, on those occasions, only those with similar bids will be contacted and will be given a given an opportunity to increase their bids, until just one person has the highest bid. Bid increase increments less than $250.00 each are not acceptable.

Does the highest bid get to purchase the asset?

Not necessarily. Vendor may choose to relocate vehicle to another market if they do not receive an offer they deem acceptable, or may continue to re-market vehicle to obtain a higher offer.

What is a withdrawal of asset from sale?

The creditor reserves the right to withdraw the asset from sale at any time prior to offer and acceptance of a sale. The highest bid will not necessarily be accepted.

What will happen if my bid is accepted?

If you are the successful bidder, we will contact you and request a bid security deposit. The deposit must be made before we can proceed to submit your offer to the creditor. If your bid security is not received within 48 hours of our requesting it, we will conclude from this that you have withdrawn your bid.

Unsuccessful bids

Unsuccessful bidders will not be contacted. You will know that your bid was not successful because we have not called upon you to place a bid security deposit within 48 hours of you placing your bid.

Why is a deposit needed?

All secured creditors request that bids be secured before we submit them for consideration. The creditor goes through a review process before accepting an offer, and does not wish to have to do it more than once on each asset. The deposit simply ensures that the bid is in good faith, and that the sale will close. If the creditor accepts the bid offered, the bid deposit will be credited to the purchase price at closing time.

Are deposits refundable?

If the bid is not accepted by the secured creditor the bid security deposit is fully refunded without delay. The only time a deposit is not refundable is when a purchaser defaults on closing of the purchase after he has received an acceptance of his bid. In this instance the deposit received will be forfeited to Interior Bailiffs Inc. 

When is the sale closing date?

Unless otherwise noted, sales are held open until an offer is received that we feel would meet the marketing target objectives of our clients, all things considered. Upon receiving an offer that meets those objectives, we will call for a bid security deposit and submit the offer for consideration. As long as bids received fall below those expectations and objectives, our marketing efforts will continue to obtain the best possible selling price for the asset.

If I am requested to submit a deposit, how may this be done?

The only form of deposit we can accept is either cash or a bank draft. We do not accept credit cards, wire transfers, or personal cheques. We do not advise mailing cash at any time. 

If successful, when do I have to pay and close the sale?

All sales must close within 2 business days of acceptance of the offer. An additional grace day will be allowed out of town purchasers, and under some special circumstances, the time can be extended by mutual agreement.

What if I purchase an item and can not pick up immediately?

Under normal circumstances you are expected to remove the sold item from our sales compound within 2 days of closing of the purchase and sale. If long term storage is required our fee is $15.00 plus applicable taxes per day.

What is your buyer's fee?

Our buyer's fee on items purchased for less then $5000.00 is $250.00 plus tax. On items purchased for more then $5000.00 our fee is 5% plus tax. 
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