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Since 1973, Interior Bailiffs Inc. has established an enviable reputation in British Columbia's Interior as a service provider, second to none. Testimonials to our ability in this very specialized field include numerous references and endorsements, the respect of our peers, and a successful track record with both creditors and debtors.

In addition to normal bonding and insurance requirements, Interior Bailiffs Inc. carries Professional Liability Insurance in the amount of $250,000. This insurance is only available to a select few bailiff firms with an impeccable record.

Interior Bailiffs Inc. operates exclusively in Bailiff related functions. These consist primarily of repossessions under the Personal Property Security Act, Rent Distress Act, Repairers Lien Act and the Warehouseman's Lien Act. On numerous occasions Interior Bailiffs Inc. has acted as Receiver, Receiver Manager, and more recently, as Bailiff/Agent.

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